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  • One button test functions Start measurements with the push of one button
  • Autotest  Automatically sets test parameters for optimum test results
  • Live fiber testing.* Tests live fibers without disrupting live services.
  • Graphical interface. Easy to read, even in low or bright lighting conditions
  • Up to 38 dB dynamic range
  • Probe longer cables and see smaller reflections
  • Measure lengths and defects
  • Quickly locates faults
  • Cable acceptance reports
  • Generate customized reports that include trace signature and fiber events
  • Long life battery.Live longer without recharge � up to 8 hours Continuous.
  • Rugged construction. Drop-tested from 2m, impact resistant and built to perform (GR-196 certified)
  • BellCore standard required by major Tel cos
  • Operational and within specification after a simulated dust storm
  • EMI resistant as per GR-1089.